Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Oh, How They've Changed - Farewell to Batch #7

April 21, 2015
Eight Sisters departed this transfer.  One left early because of her travel.  

We have a photo album in our Mission Home that has pictures of all of our departing and arriving  missionaries.  For our departing missionaries, the picture has a side by side shot - arrival photo and departure photo.  Isn't it amazing how they've changed?  They are much more confident and self assured.  They know who they are and that their future is brighter because of the time they spent serving the Lord.  At our request, they each leave three words describing what their mission meant to them.   Two photos and three words give us sweet, sweet memories of each missionary.

Doug and Vivian Woodruff left our mission last week having served 18 faithful months.  They were our office couple and the mainstay of our mission lives.  They are Christian soldiers in the true sense of the word.  Their diligence, dedication and charity had great influence on us as we learned to lead the mission.  They were so patient and kind as we fumbled through our first several months.  They filled gaps in mission administration that we never new existed.  We are so happy that they were able to return to their family in Canada having fulfilled honorable missions and served our missionaries.  

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