Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Mini Mission Reunion!

What better time to see some of our returned missionaries than while we're in Manila.  We have the perfect reason to gather.  We are here for a Mission President and wife Seminar.  We decided to take advantage of being in Manila.  With help from some of our RM's, we contacted as many past Angeles missionaries as possible.  They came!  Each time someone would walk through the door, our hearts would leap.  It is just a testimony that once an Angeles missionary during 2014-2017, forever in our hearts!  We were only able to be there for 2 hours but we took advantage of the time.  We talked, laughed, gave updates of what's happening in the mission and each RM, extended counsel and took pictures.  The time went way too fast.  After we left, the others stayed to enjoy each other's company.  We even had missionaries attend from America, via skype.  It was great!  At the end, Sister Bagano solicited missionaries to send a message.  Each of our children also had messages in the video.  The emotion was strong as we saw not only a video our past missionaries but our children and their families as well.  Thank you Sis. Jesa and Bro. Cooper Thacker for putting such a memory together for us.

 The returned missionaries decided they would like to dress in mission attire.  They brought their name tags to remind them of the grand experiences they shared together.

 Some brought girlfriends!

Once an assistant, always an assistant.

Hello Sister Freeman from America.

 They still listen!

We even have mission grandchildren!

We just love this future missionary!

 A group of grand RM's, spouses and children.  The circle keeps growing!

 A happy Mission President!

 We love these sisters!

We can't wait to do it again!