Saturday, March 5, 2016

A Sentimental Sabbath

Since arriving on our mission, there are days that I awake, arise and go straight into focus "get the list done" mode.  That is a very good mode to be in at times.  Today is the Sabbath.  It is a day that I love.  Sabbath Day Observance means so much more today than ever before.  We have learned much from our Church leaders in the past year about how to get more than could be imagined on the Sabbath Day. Although the upcoming week presents our mission with Mission Leadership Council on Tuesday and large Zone Conferences on Wednesday and Thursday, I pause to collect my thoughts and realize so many blessings!

The couple above is my youngest son and his wife, Brian and Shelby.  Shelby joined our family three years ago.  This completed our children's search for spouses and it was wonderful for all of our children and their spouses to be joined together in the Salt Lake Temple that day in December.  President Clark and I began our journey 35 years ago in the Salt Lake Temple so it seemed fitting for our youngest to complete the circle in the Salt Lake Temple.

This January we had a wonderful opportunity for all of our family to join together at the Philippines Angeles Mission Home.  Everyone arrived and the fun had begun.  We gathered for the first group picture and just before I was ready to push the button, Brian shouted, "Wait, I think Shelby needs to get out of the picture.  I learned that in Filipino tradition it's bad luck to take a picture of expecting women."  This was news that we knew someday would make all of us delighted.  Tears flowed, cheers and hugs were shared, it made this trip more complete before it even really began.  It was one of those family moments in time that will live forever.

Some family members are out of view.
So on this sentimental morning in the Philippines Angeles Mission, you are wished a wonderful and blessed Sabbath Day.  He lives.  He loves us, all of us!  What comfort this knowledge brings!

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  1. Such a heartfelt post. Families are the best, especially when centered in the Gospel.


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