Thursday, December 31, 2015

End of the Year Wrap Up

We love it when our Returned Missionaries come to visit.  We were surprised by several at the end of the year.  We are proud of them for their service as missionaries and love to see them grow into wonderful young adults after their mission.

Brother Callister came from America by himself to visit his past areas.
These two missionaries were in our mission once upon a time.  They kindled a stronger relationship after their missions and now they are Mr. and Mrs. Wick!  We had such a good visit with them.
Here is just one of the few SOE (Standard of Excellence) pizza parties we had.  
When a Zone reaches SOE, they get a pizza party!
We celebrated Elder Tejada's birthday before he finished his mission.  
He was one of our great Assistants.
By the end of the year, our board was covered with pictures of our missionaries and their new converts.  Everyone loves looking at all of the pictures!
Brother Surio was an incredible missionary.  He also came to visit his past areas.  We can hardly recognize them without their white shirts and ties!
Christmas Dinner was shared with us, the Whiting's and our neighbors the Lacinlale's.
Before dinner, we went to a park where families were gathered bearing plates of cookies.

We even shared with the trike drivers!
We went to look for a good spot to have our granddaughter's baptism.  Elder Dumanjug was pretty excited to show us his area.  It had been raining for several days so the calm falls were anything but calm.  We decided on a spot in Eco-Park in Gabaldon.  Can't wait!! (Don't worry...the water won't be rushing like this when it's time for the baptism).

Our son Preston graduated from Trinity University.  We are very proud of his accomplishments!
You can tell that his son was proud too!
2015 was a great year for our family and the Philippines Angeles Mission!!!

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