Sunday, September 28, 2014

Family Week

Each year the Philippines celebrate National Family Week.  The Mormon church gladly joins in Family Week Celebration.  We participated with our Cabanautuan Stake in family celebration of music and dance.  Each ward or branch was given a song from a certain decade to perform.  It definitely took us back to our younger days.  No we did not sing or dance but we did speak at their closing fireside.  A great time was had by all. 

This was a past banner since I forgot to take a picture of the current one.

Senior Day!

Each month we are so pleased to meet with our senior couples.  They are the bloodline to assist our missionaries when we can't be there.  It is unbelievable the support they are and the things they will do at the drop of a hat.  We enjoyed gathering, talking and even role playing this month.  We love our senior couples!  Sister Lopez makes certain we are well fed.  Her cooking skills save us throughout the weeks.  There are days when I'm pretty certain she doesn't want to cut one more piece of watermelon or cook anymore chicken....but every day she has a smile on her face.  This was a two meal day below!
The Lund's are amazing as they spend their time in Baler.  They teach English, they care for sick missionaries, support Branch leaders and generally, minister as the Savior ministered.  They are a light-house of security and guidance in the most distant part of our mission.  They model self-reliance.
The Weber's live in Camiling. Sis. Weber is running the Lost Sheep program and Bro. Weber oversees a significant portion of missionary housing.  Together they are a force for good in upgrading our missionary houses and helping our missionaries seek those who have gone astray.  He has had to purchase a hard hat so that he can go where no man without a hard hat should ever go again.
The Woodruff's are anchors in the Mission Office.  They are amazing workers and keep things organized, up to date and operating as the church intended.  They are loved by the missionaries for all that they do to make their lives better.  Elder Woodruff manages their "support" (money) and Sis. Woodruff handles pouch (mail).  These are critical parts of missionary life.   We don't know what we'd do without them!
The Hobbs are a great Senior Couple.  They specialize in Family History but are equally adept and eager in working with Branch leaders and less active members.  They have helped so many of the members and their friends to love searching for their ancestors.  They are the parents of some good friends we knew in Naperville, Illinois.
The Naegle's are our Self-Reliance Senior Couple, specially called to launch a new self reliance program in the Philippines.  They do double and triple duty as Elder Naegle serves in the Mission Presidency and they often run to the aid of missionaries who are in need of a ride to get medical attention.
President Clark is not only the President of our Mission but also responsible for FIVE Member Districts.  Tonight we met with his Presidency and their families.  Another great meal was enjoyed.  I love getting the china out and being with people we love.  The Presidency is now set apart and armed with the ability to go and serve the districts faithfully.
President Naegle (1st Counselor), President Clark, President Compos (2nd Counselor) and Elder Woodruff (Executive Secretary).  How grateful we are to have so many incredible seasoned Saints serving with us in the Angeles Mission!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Our Second Daughter's Second Child

 Freshly delivered into the arms of her mom and dad.  Our hearts open wider and our gratitude grows for the birth of our seventh grandchild!  What a tribute to Grandma Clark as Teagan shares her middle name.  We love you, little one!