Friday, May 1, 2015

April MLC, Birthdays and Faith!

Each month after our Mission Leadership Council meeting, I believe these words come out of my mouth...."That was such a spiritual high!"  This month was the same and it didn't disappoint.  MLC happened to land on my birthday.  We went through the morning with meetings then went out and took the group picture.  When I came in the house, all of the missionaries were there, birthday sign, cake and song greeted me.  It was a marvelous surprise.  Later that day during a portion of my training, my daughter Mikale and her family "Facetimed" me and sang to me as well.  A feeling of love and celebration here and across the miles were felt and appreciated.
A wonderful rendition of Happy Birthday!
A beautiful chocolate cake!
Lucky to be the companion of the President.

We will lose Elder Mabalot as one of our assistants.  He has an incredible story on how he began in the Tacloban Mission but after Typhoon Yolanda, he was reassigned.  I feel it is a tender mercy for our mission as he helped teach our missionaries to be better and do better.

The next two months we our focus is "Real Growth Through Faith!"  The Atonement is the Power in your life.  Now we need faith to access the power of the Atonement.  
We need faith to find...
Faith to teach....
Faith to Convert!!!
We had a great discussion about Etnocentricity - having or based on the idea that your own group of culture is better or more important than others.  

Yes....they definitely Match the Message!
Oh how we love our missionaries!

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