Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Incoming Batch #7

April 22, 2015
Yes...there is a photo bomber in this picture!
 9 more full-time missionaries arrived last week.  It seemed like an easy group to manage since many of the past batches have had over 20 missionaries.  We are going through a planned draw-down of our mission compliment.  Our missionary count will decline from 250 to 200 in the next 5 months.

 Our trainers are the BEST!  I can tell as soon as I walk in the room for our trainers meeting that they are really special.  Trainers and Trainees form a unique bond as they work through the 12-week training program together.
Elder Doma with trainer Elder Drake
Elder Faamafu and trainer Elder Leocario
 Trainer Elder Llona and Elder Farish
 Trainer Elder Vave and Elder Fresnoza
 Trainer Elder Green and Elder Neri
 New Assistant Elder Dejino and Trainer Elder Watkins
 Short term Sis. Benito and Trainer Sister Mahe
 Sis. Johnson and Trainer Sis. Talento
 Short-term Sis. Matteo and Trainer Sis. Tui Tuilaepa
 Sis. Ramos and Trainer Sis. Koford
 Sis. Roxas and Trainer Sis. Shipley
 Sis. Tabay and Trainer Sis. Tinio

  Our newest addition to the Philippines Angeles Mission...Where the Finest Serve!

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