Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Always Remember...

We had a pretty amazing experience in the Philippines Angeles Mission.  A Sisters Conference!  This had been in the planning for a few months.  Originally it was going to be two separate Conferences on the same morning and one afternoon.  It would have been great.  The prompting to have just one Conference with all of the sisters would not leave my thoughts.  I knew this would make arrangements more difficult because a few of the sisters would need to travel quite far.  With lots of prayer, thoughts of how it could be done without much disruption, and approval from the President, a date was set.  The Sister Training Leaders assisted to pull it all together.  

When the date for the conference arrived, it was clear why we needed to all be together.  We enjoyed a spiritual, fun and unifying time learning that we need to Always Remember, You are Braver Than you Believe, Stronger Than you Seem, Smarter than you Think, and Loved more than you know!  

The Agenda:  Theme Intro Speaker - Sis. Clark, Musical Number - "Someone Needs Your Star", Getting to Know You Activities, Match the Message Missionary Fashion Show and demonstrations , Lunch, Speaker - Sis. Naegle, Slide Presentation of all of the Sisters, Concluding Speaker - President Clark.  

During my talk, I had a good friend of President Clark and mine, Mila, speak to the Sisters about the powerful influence and example they are to others.  It was a real highlight of the meeting.  

It was a true tender mercy that we were able to enjoy this Conference together.  Chances are the following Sisters Conferences will be divided in 2 areas but oh how we rejoiced in being Sisters as one.   This will always be a cherished memory.  

                                                          Singing to Sis. Lopez for the delicious food!

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