Sunday, August 16, 2015

July 2015 - Where did it go?

July 1st came and it seemed like we turned around and it was August!  Where do the days go?  
The pictures below give you a hint of our happenings.  Many are random pictures but it gives you a little look into our lives!

Rainy season has begun!

These adorable Primary children are from Dipaculau near Baler.  
They weren't too certain of the strange lady with the camera.

This is the board that reminds us where all of the Angeles Missionaries are serving.  There are 12 zones and about 225 missionaries.

Some of the full-time senior missionaries from the Manila Area Office came to our mission to have an authentic Filipino meal.  It was fun to meet them for lunch as they did some sight seeing.  We are supposed to take Preparation days but once in awhile we catch a few Preparation hours.
Below are some pictures of areas where our missionaries live.  As we travel about the mission, I take the opportunity to check the apartments to make certain our missionaries are living in safe and clean conditions.  Zone leaders perform quarterly inspections and missionaries are responsible to clean and take care of repairs.  We've had the luxury of having Senior Couples do the inspections in the past but most have returned home so our Zone Leaders are stepping up.
This is the area outside one of the houses where our Missionaries live.
Above is a typical kitchen and CR (bathroom).  Actually tile CR's are rare.  This is a nicer CR than most.  Cold bucket showers are the means that keep our missionaries clean in the Philippines. Rarely is there a house that has running hot water. 

Cement floors are most common.  Fans are a necessity as there is no air-con. 

Trikes are one of the most common forms of transportation.  This trike is carrying chickens but there are all kinds of birds and animals transported in trikes.  

One of my besties came to visit!  Betty Ann and Steve Curtis have been teaching English classes in China to Master and Doctorate students.  They have completed the school year so they stopped by to see us on their way home.  We couldn't have been more delighted to see them.  We actually took some time to go see some of the sites we have been wanting to visit. This is a Monastery right in Tarlac where we live.   
In the hills of Angeles, there are some beautiful golf courses.  You can see some of the landscape in the background.  It truly is a beautiful land.  

Who would have known that we would be living in a Mission with our name all over it.  Clark Airforce Base is in part of our mission so we see our name everywhere we travel.

Subic Bay.

Real barbeque at Texas Joe's.  We had just come from seeing hundred of bats that line the streets.  The Naegle's travel this area often so they escorted us around.  

We went to Nayong Pilipino - also located in Clark.  It is a cultural center that has some great shows and authentic cultural dance, traditions, food and history.

President did a great job not getting his ankles sore during the pole dance.

We loved the children!  They seemed to enjoy the attention.  

There are many hanging bridges in the Philippines that help people cross from one village to another.  This is one of the bridges in Clark that Elder Naegle found.  

The Clark's
The Curtis'
The Naegle's

The last two weeks of July were dedicated for Zone Interviews.  We travel to each zone and President Clark meets with every missionary.  While we have everyone together, we also take time for training.  The Assistants, Zone Leaders and I train on topics that we find important at the time.  Here are a few of our Zones from the past Interviews.

                 Elder Gerrett received a birthday package.  Inside were boxes and boxes of Hostess twinkies.  He was kind enough to share with his zone.  Many had never seen let alone taste a twinkie before.  They were in sugar heaven! 

Although it seems like a blur, July 2015 was a great month in our mission life!

Incoming 9th Batch - July 2015

Our July Batch of Incoming Missionaries is a delightful mix of regularly assigned missionaries from the MTC, Filipino Visa Waiters from the MTC and Visa Waiting Missionaries from the India Bangalore Mission.  All of those who come waiting for a Visa will be with us until their Visa's are granted and they can move on to their regular mission assignment.  We love them all!!!!

Bro. Costales (short term) - Our short term missionaries fill a place for a six week transfer.  This allows us to keep an area open so the ward or branch has a missionary companionship working there.
Bro. Madriaga (short-term)
Elder Ball
Elder Bleazard
Elder Calingacion
Elder Cloward - Visa Waiter from the India Mission
Elder Gray
Elder Grimmett - Visa Waiter from the India Mission
Elder Jaca
Elder Mahayahay
Elder Pabico
Elder Parks - Visa Waiter from the India Mission
Elder Porter - Visa Waiter from the India Mission
Elder Ruta - Visa Waiter to Guam
Elder Semadeni - Visa Waiter from the India Mission
Elder Teraza
Sister Alcoy
Sister Borrowman
Sister Fernandez - (short term)
Sister Hansen
Sister Juanlan
Sister Villasor (short-term)