Sunday, October 30, 2016

A Delightful Addition - Our 20th Batch

Seventeen eager and delightful missionaries joined the ranks of Angeles Mission, "Where the finest serve".  We are so pleased to welcome them.  Our first evening together at the mission home is one of excitement and nervousness.  One of our departing missionaries told us that he didn't sleep on the first night and last night in the mission field.  If part of this holds true with these missionaries, they may not have slept well but we couldn't tell.  They were all anxious to meet their trainers.  We have wonderful, seasoned missionaries to train.  But in this case only two of the seventeen trainers have trained before.  A new experience for both trainer and trainee.  A sacred friendship develops between a trainee and his/her trainer. We expect the same will occur with our 20th batch.

 Our newest 
group after arriving at the Angeles Mission Home.  

Dinner at the mission home.
Arriving earlier that day as they came from the MTC





And there they go!  Ready for a wonderful adventure ahead.

"Find joy in the journey"
President Thomas S. Monson