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How Our Mission Learns...

 May 5, 2015
It is MLC time again.  And it's summertime in the Philippines.  These two events collided as the temperatures were hot and a brownout occurred.  Brownouts are caused by the reallocation of limited electricity. On this particular date, electricity was allocated away from our location in Tarlac.  We were informed that there would be 2 hours without power.  It turned out to be almost the entire day.  No power meant no air conditioning on a very hot humid day.  Every hand fan we had was put to good use.  "But don't you have an emergency generator?" you might ask.  Yes we do.  But even large diesel powered generators can be over loaded and over heated.  Needless to say, we felt a warm spirit in the room during MLC.

The purpose of Mission Leadership Council takes place for two main reasons.  One, to train our young mission leaders and 2. To share information throughout the mission.  Our young mission leaders take the information from 8 hours of meetings out to their zones to teach the other missionaries.  We do this the first week of every month.   The process is quite amazing.  My desire is to one day be there when the Zone Leaders teach.  I'd love to watch them share what they've learned.  Whenever I ask how Zone Meetings are, the main reply is, "So Spiritual!"  You can see why we need our Mission Leadership Council!

Much of what was taught at the MLC was information we learned at the Mission President's Seminar.  The topics were:  Humility, the Power of the Book of Mormon, 'Lack I yet?', Faith, Dress and Grooming and Mission Culture.  President Clark gave a powerful presentation on the Sacrament.  Songs were sung, scriptures personalized and the spirit was strong.  We ended the day with a testimony meeting of those new and departing mission leaders.  The warmth of the day did not distract from this incredible meeting.

Reenacting a Pineapple Planter
Pineapple Planter debrief
Beautiful Sister Training Leaders clad with fans to stay "cool."
Zone Leaders unite!
Elder Dejino and Elder Watkins - our Assistants.

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