Sunday, May 22, 2016

Incoming Batch #16 - Where Only the Finest Serve

We received another great group of Angeles Missionaries!  There are eighteen from the Philippines and one from New Zealand.  They are a very sharp and alert group --- willing and very able to excel.  They came from the MTC with great attitudes and exceptionally well prepared for their new adventure.  We are very impressed and are looking forward to seeing great things from these missionaries. 
After a dinner is served at the Mission Home, we gather the missionaries.  Before our departing missionaries leave, they write down some great advice knowing that there will be brand new missionaries sitting in the Mission Home in just 24 hours.  I tell them to remember when they arrived and how they felt.  They then write some incredible advice that I could never come up.  Only those who have been in their position could give great counsel.  As I pass out the papers with the advice on them to our newest missionares, I let some of them share the advice given.  There are always missionaries who will tell me, "This is exactly what I need to hear.  The missionary who wrote this must know me."  Just one more reason why we love these missionaries so much.  They all rally together and assist - even after they leave.  Once an Angeles Missionary, always an Angeles Missionary!
 Elder Amarille
Elder Baquinquito
Elder Caminade
 Elder Deliz
 Elder Guia
 Elder Lamoste
 Elder Lazaro
 Elder Logroño
 Elder Nuñez
 Elder Pimentel
 Elder Sauro
Elder Sinamban
Brother Bacani (short-term)
Brother Dalit (short-term)
Brother Esteban (short-term)

Sister Albao
Sister Conoy 
Sister Handuman
Sister Mocino
 Sister Perez
 Sister Reyes
 Sister Angilau
 Sister Carmen (short-term)
 Sister Lina (short-term)


Traveling in style from the Mission Home
We're so glad they're here.  Philippines Angeles Mission ---- "Where Only the Finest Serve!"