Monday, December 29, 2014

INCOMING - #4 - December 17, 2014

This is our 4th Incoming Batch to our mission since we arrived.  Twenty one great Elders and Sisters were added.  Four of these Elders are from the "India Mission."  They need to leave the country and wait for their Visa's to be renewed.  We are so happy to have them as long as we can keep them!  They are a great addition and they are excited to learn a touch of Tagalog!  We bring them to our home to feed them a great meal.  Welcome to your new home!



Tandaan Mo Mahal Kita: December 16, 2014 --- Our Fourth Farewell!

We said goodbye to our 4th Departing Batch.  Somehow I thought it would get easier but it doesn't. Eight Elders and eight sisters will return to L.A.M. - Life After Mission.  We make certain they get a good dose of advice, feed them a great meal, watch a slide presentation full of their memories, share testimony then send them on their way.  They go to the Manila Temple before leaving the next day. It is a send off worthy of the great and honorable service that they have rendered. They will have a place in our hearts even when they return home.  It's not good-bye, just see you later!

Another successful Career Workshop taught by the Naegle's. 

Family Home Evening - Chimes

 Assistants:  Elders Briscoe (leaving the office), Coquia and Mabalot