Thursday, November 27, 2014


In the Philippines, Thanksgiving is not a national holiday.  Many of the typical foods that would be served in America, are rarely seen here.  So we made due with what we had....which was a real Thanksgiving feast!  It was a momentous day when we went to S&R (Costco equivalent), and found a Butterball Turkey!  As you can see, we didn't lack for much except maybe the nap.  We gathered with the Angeles Senior Missionary couples plus another cute couple from the Self-Reliance program in a neighboring mission.

Sis. Weber was the superstar pie maker.  Being with fellow missionaries has been great.  
This year brought particular gratitude for family that we are separated from. 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Where Your Treasure Is.....

When President Clark was a Stake President, he would be responsible to have a Stake conference two times a year.  In the Angeles Mission there are 5 Districts and 7 Stakes.  It is like working with 7 Stakes and overseeing 5 small Stakes.  When you count them up it means 24 conferences per year.  We had our first District Conference last Saturday and Sunday.  Both of us will each give 2-3 talks at each conference.  We're going to need many more diving and grandchildren stories.
Camiling West District Presidency with Elder Raul Villanueva.
Later Sunday evening we were asked to speak to a group of over 200 youth and their parents at a Fireside.  Our theme was, "Where Your Treasure is, There Will Your Heart Be Also."  President Clark asked for volunteers who wanted to be NBA Superstars.  Then he took out jerseys for 3 NBA stars and three basketballs.  The crowd went wild.  He then went on to teach that just because you wear the jerseys it doesn't make you a star.  It's what's in the inside that matters.
Here are the missionaries who did such a great job testifying to the youth of the wonderful blessings that comes from serving a mission.  The treasure box was a hit as it had a sweet treasure inside for all who attended.  What a full and fulfilling weekend!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Here They Come.....3rd Incoming Batch!

Twenty Five anxious and sleep exhausted missionaries came to our home for dinner last Wednesday night.  They were very gracious and are now armed with a strong desire to go and do!  Sadly one of our Elder's wasn't able to make it because of sickness but he will arrive soon!  It will be fun to watch them grow and progress throughout the coming months.  Early the next morning the missionaries gathered for scripture studying before formal training.

Our Newest Batch - November 2014 - Batch #3