Saturday, October 25, 2014

Very Special Dinner Guests

We were honored to host a meal for special guests.  Last Saturday we dined with several of our church general authorities.  Elder Dallin H. Oaks and his wife Kristen, President Ian S. Ardern and his wife Paula and Elder Remegio E. Meim and Sis. Meim - our Area Seventy. The Naegle's also dined with us and assisted us in our preparations.  The authorities came to our mission as part of the area tour.  They and other church officials were here for area training and review.  We were fortunate to have the Oaks and Ardern's spend the night with us at the mission home.

On Sunday morning we all departed for speaking assignments in different stakes of the mission. Elder Oaks has become a special friend.  This is the second time he has stayed at our home (previously he visited us in Naperville).  He also set President Clark apart as Mission President.  It was a delight to meet his wife and to refresh our friendship with the Ardern's and Meim's.

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