Thursday, October 30, 2014

Half Way

Trainers/Trainees - Cabanautuan Side
Trainer/Trainees - Tarlac Side

Every six weeks our newest missionaries and their training companions come in half way through their 12 week training program.  I think they like it most because they get to see members from their batch.  I don't blame them!  

During this meeting the Assistants ask them to talk through some of the experiences they've had.  They also get to introduce each other.  This always makes my heart sing because without exception, there is a great deal of caring and consideration going on.  You can only imagine the first timer landing in a new mission.  Being able to trust your companion to help you maneuver through this new experience is paramount.

I trained about being happy.  I even decided to debut my singing talents with a rendition of "Happiness Is" from Charlie Brown.  It was fun to hear some of the things that make our missionaries happy.  My belief and testimony is that we came on our missions to have joy but being realistic, we know that all experiences won't create joy.  So we talk about Come What May and Love it - a talk given by Elder Joseph B Wirthlin.  

President helps them realize their role as a missionary is to "become".  They talk about how you can't learn it all at once.  The Savior learned little by little, grace to grace.  If they do their best, He will make up the rest.  

It was another great day in the mission!

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  1. My daughter will be flying out Wednesday Nov. 5 to join you all. How wonderful that you keep this blog. I've asked her to keep me abreast of everything, but I know that she will be so busy doing the Lord's work she will not have much time on her P-Day. :-) Her name is Sister Sierra Allen and if by chance I can glimpse her in any of your photos, I would be so thrilled. Thanks for all that you do to help the missionaries there!! <3


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