Monday, October 6, 2014

A Welcome Addition!

 We received 15 new Sisters and Elders!   There is an excitement as the vans round the corner and come into the parking lot.  We rush outside to welcome our newest missionaries.  Anticipation, excitement and exhaustion are the looks we see.  There are three new sisters and twelve new elders.  We promised them every meal will not look like the meal below.  We love welcoming them to our home for a proper introduction. Sister Lopez spoils us with a lovely meal and tips on how to how to clean and prepare fruits and vegetables. We try to keep them awake to let them know a thing or two about the mission.

President with our outgoing Assistant - Elder Tsunoda and our incoming Assistant - Elder Coquia sing the Mission Song - "Where the Finest Serve." Our missionaries learn very quickly how important music is.

The following day our trainees come to meet their trainers.  These are our seasoned missionaries who will help our newest learn the language and the ropes of a mission life in the Angeles Philippines Mission.  We are off to a great start with the Batch of September 2014! 

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