Friday, December 16, 2016

MLC 101 - Tuesday, December 13th

Our December MLC took place a week late, December 13th.  We said goodbye to many of our MLC members the first week of December.  Therefore, we have a new crop of leaders who are enthusiastic to get in and lead.  We thought it would be a good time to train basics.  We are told that teaching a topic 7 times is what is needed before someone really understands what you are trying to teach.  So the basics is what was taught.  The missionaries always enjoy MLC in December when they are able to experience all of the sights and sounds of Christmas. 

Break out sessions above ----
Below ---- Assistants regrouping to make sure everything was set for the next portion of the training.  They keep everything organized and running smoothly. 

Whenever we have Sister Training Leader breakout, I realize just how wonderful it is to have Sisters looking out for Sisters.  It makes our job much easier.

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