Friday, December 9, 2016

Lucky Twelve - Lucky Us

These 12 missionaries come to us from the Philippines, Canada, US, Samoa and New Zealand.  We enjoyed doing some training and having them over to the mission home later in the evening.  
The following day they met their companions.  The matching of companions is always an exciting event.  Trainers sit on one side and trainees sit on the other.  We watch them look over as they wonder which missionary will be their companions.  It is quite an inspiring event.

Here is the group of trainers that will be teaching our trainees to be grand missionaries.
After the matching was complete, President Clark shared 4 steps to becoming a great missionary.  They were as follows:
1.  Love to obey.  Embrace the commandments (Mission Handbook)
2.  Let go of your pride.  Develop humility.
3.  Learn the gospel.  Deepen your knowledge especially in the Book of Mormon.
4.  Leave the world behind.  Let the Lord take care of your family.  Trust Him.  
Focus your life on your mission.
These are simple yet wise steps that if put into practice, can make the difference between a good or great mission.  

The Garcia family not only feeds us delicious meals but they also play beautiful background music as well.

Immediate love for new missionaries.  A true gift of the Spirit not to be forgotten.


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