Thursday, December 8, 2016

"Hearts Turning Outward"

This week twenty-one missionaries completed honorable missions and departed for home.  This was a big loss to our mission in terms of talent, experience and dedication.  They comprised our 21st departing batch.  We vividly remember when these missionaries first arrived.  Like most new missionaries, they came with a rather inward focus.  We find that pretty typical with 18 and 19-year-olds facing a stressful and life-changing experience.  Self-preservation and protection is a natural instinct. 
As this group of wonderful young men and women left our mission yesterday, they are living proof of the positive power of missionary life.  They leave here as seasoned missionaries, true disciples of Christ, capable of describing real growth they’ve experienced because of missionary service.  Gone are the tendency for selfish thought and action.  These elders and sisters have become true ministers.  Following the Savior’s example of “going about doing good” and living their lives to benefit others. 

The three words we chose to describe this group are, “Hearts Turning Outward.”  Their positive, powerful influence will resonate through the mission for months and years to come.  

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