Sunday, July 10, 2016

Traveling About the Mission

Today is Sunday.  We enjoyed a District Conference in Bongabon.  After the meeting it was time to dash to Gapan for another meeting with Stake Presidency and Zone Leaders.  We took full advantage of the overcast weather.  It rained a lot but it also allowed many pictures without the glare of the often present sun.  Enjoy the beauty of the Philippines that we get to experience often as we travel about the mission.
Goats are frequent flyers as they travel in packs.

Don't let the clouds fool you.  While clouds do cool things down (sort of), they also add much humidity in the process.  The air is very thick and warm during times like this. 

Sadly this is a blurry picture but it helps you see a store on wheels.

Many different forms of transportation travel the roads.

Just hanging out!

Beautiful rice fields with Mt. Arayat in the background!


Resourceful businesses on the side of the road. 


I love to see clothes that are hanging on lines all over the Philippines.  Most clothes are washed by hand and hung outside to dry.  People in the Philippines are generally very clean and tidy with clothes washed in buckets and sometimes streams.  
Not many Filipinos own cars.  Trike drivers are all over and allow the people to travel quite efficiently.  They hold anywhere from 2 to 5 (or more) people in each trike.
Jollibee is a very popular place to eat!



So much soda is consumed in the Philippines.

 There are a lot of ways to move chickens around the country.

These workers are finishing up a long and hard day planting in the rice field.  The average pay is P150-200 a day ($5) plus lunch.  They work about 8 hours.  This was a happy group finishing up and cleaning up before going home.

Rice fields are fascinating!  Rice production in the Philippines is important to the country and economy.  Rice is the most important food crop.  
Central Luzon is located in our mission area.  It produces much of the rice in the Philippines.

Plowing the fields with a kuliglig.
Many plow the fields with their carabao.

 Here come the ducks!


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  1. Amazing pictures! I can't believe all those ducks. Obviously it is hard to predict travel times when the roads are crowded ike that!


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