Wednesday, August 3, 2016

North Star Constant - 18th Departing Batch

Every batch we send home is a beloved batch.  The elders in this batch came just after we arrived.  We have watched and cared for them all through their entire missions.  They are all unique and have experienced individual stories.  Each has had their share of trials and triumphs.  Through it all, they were rock solid missionaries and bright and shining examples of discipleship.  The three words that describe this batch are, "NORTH STAR CONSTANT."  The North Star is something that can always be counted on, something that is dependable, a true anchor.  They have patterned their missions after the true anchor of our souls - Jesus Christ.  We send a little piece of our hearts with them as they continue to traverse through a life of light and goodness.  We will miss you!!!  Mahal namin kayo!

This is how they feel about being a Returned Missionary!

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