Sunday, July 10, 2016

Mission Leadership Council - A Revelatory Experience

Another marvelous Mission Leadership Council was had on the 5th of July.  Although many of our leaders are new, our meeting was filled with revelation and power.  President Clark presented some experiences and examples that were meant just for our missionaries to become better able to get investigators to keep commitments.  The meeting was full of emotion and love.  Funny story:  Near the end of the meeting, President presented an object lesson to explain how the missionaries can help investigators understand the importance of commitments.  It involved a little role play between President and myself.  When it was over, I gave him a kiss.  The missionaries LOVED it or were shocked by it.  The next day when they taught the object lesson, the entire mission knew about the kiss.  Some even told me they recorded it in their journals for the day.  We were taught that our missionaries need to see good marriage role models.  We are happy to be an example of that.  

July represents freedom!  One time each year we spoil the leadership council with a meal that they don't get very often: sloppy joes and hot dogs.  We had plenty of mustard and catsup and they were well used!   Dessert was a fascination to many - Fruit pizza with strawberries on it.  Strawberries are only grown in one area of the Phililppines, Baguio.  Many of the missionaries have never tasted them before.  It was fun to watch them eat this new found fruit with a cookie underneath.  

I shall never get tired of having a crowd of sisters and elders filling the main room of the mission home with love, laughter, song and testimony.

Sister break out sessions are the best!  We learned, "If you want to give a light to others, you have to glow yourself!"  We discussed qualities Sister Training Leaders need.  It was a good time to talk about the new dress pants policy, safeguards again dengue fever and the harm of chicka-chicka (gossip)!

I never posted our June MLC.  Ten of the
 missionaries in this photo have returned home.  
We surely love our missionaries!

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