Tuesday, June 14, 2016


One of the greatest joys of being a Mission President and Wife is that your missionaries leave and then come back!  They come visit and often times they bring back a significant someone in their life.  We have had many of our Returned Missionaries who have married.  We've had at least 4 of them become parents.  It shows that our family continues to branch out.  We've been told that the measure of our success is if our missionary's grandchildren marry in the temple.  I'm not sure we'll ever see that day but we are very hopeful that they will be covenant keeping grandchildren because of the great start our RM's will give them.  We love them coming back to say hello.  Here are just a few:
Sister Aguspina and her fiance Carlo.

Sometimes they come back married.  Sister Holmes married a RM, Brock, who went to the Philippines Manila Mission.  They didn't know each other until they met in the MTC where they both were employed.  It was a match made in the Filipino heavens.  After marrying, knowing the language and loving the people, they brought Sister Holmes-Robison's parents with them to enjoy their past and make new memories.  It was wonderful to meet them all.

Elder Gomez and his sweetheart.  We can't wait to hear about an upcoming date.

Sister Antonio and Sister Lavaka were such great missionaries.  It was a grand surprise to have them come and visit.  Oh how we miss them.

We went to a Stake Conference at San Jose and whom did we meet but Bro. Magno and his cute girlfriend.  They look so great!

Bro. Limb returned from the US to pursue a relationship with Sister Renegado.  They got married just a few months ago.  I love it when we have missionaries marry each other after they return.  They had no relationship before but it's fun seeing the progress and commitment making that takes place!

Sister Valaine Potencio was another great missionary.  She came along with Elder and Sister Limb.  Yay for us!
Would you look at who else came by!  Sister Peralta and Elder Birth!  Through skype they formed a relationship and he flew here to continue it.  A ring was given and now they are working on getting Sister Peralta nearer to Elder Birth while he is doing his schooling before a date it set.  We are so happy for them!  

This proves the fact that once an Angeles Missionary always a Angeles Missionary!

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