Monday, June 20, 2016

Need a Break?

During our first Zone Conference in Cabanatuan, President Clark, the Zone Leaders and I taught in the high council room.  The air con units were doing a very good job keeping us cool.  In fact, they were doing too good of a job.  After 2 of the 4 workshops, we took a break for lunch.  Everyone left the room, so President Clark knelt on the table to reach the air con control.  While stepping down, his foot landed funny and he heard a "pop!"  He hobbled out to the group picture.  He had broken his foot but didn't let anyone know until after the Zone Conference was over.  Hours later, with much resistance, I drove him to the hospital for 
x-rays.  It was a break alright.  The fifth metatarsal bone on his left foot had a "Jones fracture".  Sadly, this is a very tough break to heal.  The hospital was nice enough to put a padded cast mold on the bottom of his foot.

After consulting with our AMA - Area Medical Advisor and one of the Mission President's who used to be a Orthopedic Surgeon, it was decided that wearing a boot and strict limitations on weight bearing the foot could heal itself without surgery.  You can only imagine this was not music to President Clark's ears.  After two weeks, President Clark strives to be a "good" patient.  He tries to be obedient.  The foot seems to be healing and he can't wait to to throw the crutches away and enjoy morning runs again.  Sadly he is several months away from that.  Our missionaries have offered many prayers on his behalf.  
Their prayers are being heard.


The next day at Zone Conference #2.  He didn't miss a beat.
Crutches times 2 with Elder Saua.

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