Tuesday, February 9, 2016

"Testimonies Were Strengthened"

Three words for this Batch are, "Testimonies Were Strengthened."
It was difficult to say goodbye to this batch of 9 loved missionaries. Throughout the past months, I've watched them teach, share and live as Angeles Missionaries. At a recent baptism I heard one of them share a powerful testimony in Tagalog. Hearts were touched, especially mine. Although I didn't understand all of the words, the Spirit told me what he spoke was truth. They are ready to re-enter the world armed with testimonies to assist them through their next journey. Farewell, our dear missionaries. Until we meet again.

Farewell to our 14th Batch.
 Beautiful Sisters!
 Farewell dear Elders!
                  Parent Pickups - The Aguspina's                         The Gementiza's

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