Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Elder and Sister Pugh are here!  President Clark and I pondered deeply about our problem of shrinking numbers senior couples.  We looked over the list of people we knew and prayed about who might be able to join our mission.  Elder and Sister Pugh were one of the first couples to come into our minds.  They are a devoted and wonderful couple from Joliet Illinois Stake.  After receiving our email (while they were vacationing in Wales), they decided to prayerfully considering our invitation.  Before we knew it, they had a plan.  They both retired early to set their sights to serve the Lord full-time in the Philippines.  A few months  (and much work) later, their plane arrived in Manila.  After the joys of immigration and fingerprinting plus a session in the Manila temple, they made their way to our Mission Home.  We are delighted they are here, fit, enthused and ready to make a big difference for our missionaries and members.

Elder and Sister Pugh

 You can see how happy the President is to have our newest senior couple!
 The Whiting's power scrubbed for many hours to prepare a spotless and humble abode for the Pugh's to call home for 18 months.  I know they found it to be a welcome site after their prior 24 hours of travel.  
The cute and loyal young sisters are the next door neighbors to the Pugh's.  They will be the Pugh's lifeline for the next few days while they learn a new culture and their new surroundings.  The Sisters love them already.  

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