Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Since our mission has had but one senior couple for the past few months, there has been no one to really go in and inspect our missionary housing.  Something needed to be done to encourage better housekeeping and cleanliness.  The Spirit will not dwell in an unclean vessel and a house is a really big vessel!  A plan was created to have a bi-annual massive mission-wide Power Scrub.  Every Monday before General Conference in April and October, our missionaries will perform a Power Scrub.  Since April is a couple of months away, we are getting a beginners head start.
 Some of the areas that were chosen for the Power Scrub were:

·Remove and wash all curtains & sofa cushion covers and bed mattress cover.
·Move all furniture from current area; sweep and scrub, including walls, baseboards, & floors.
·Clean all closets & shelves; discard all unneeded and unused items.
·Beds—remove mattress and wash bed frames.  Air the mattress outside (if no rain) while cover is being washed.
·CR—scrub all surfaces using all-purpose cleaner & a brush; walls, floors, sink; for toilet use toilet bowl brush for that only. Rinse and repeat if necessary.
·Kitchen—clean out all cupboards, ref, & stove; discard any outdated foods.                                   *Area outside House - remove trash, organize, sweep and scrub. 

I thought I would share some of the notes that have been shared by the missionaries to both President Clark in his weekly letters and me.  I think it was a success! 

Sister Clark, We really had a great time cleaning our apartment. It was a very dusty and dirty before but right now we can feel the spirit more because of deep cleaning. We are so happy too for this activity. Our apartment now looks like a five star hotel (just kidding) we love you sister Clark and have a great day and month as well. 

we did our powerscrub earlier this morning. it was... interesting. the house is very clean. but i might have night mares for a little while after seeing what i have been sleeping on for 2 months now. but it is all clean now.

Power scrub was amazing – we took more time than expected but all is worth it, feels a lot more clean. Just like repentance it’s a hard work but all is worth it at the end. We actually did more screaming and ewws than actual cleaning because we had a lot of dirt and little friends, rats and spiders haha. It has been a great experience but maybe consider having it 4 times a year would be nice.

What a nice privilege to do the power scrub this morning. We are more comfortable and we also feel the presence of the spirit inside our house. We enjoyed celestial scrubbing as kabahay as Sister Clark said, thank you for instructing and inspiring us to clean our living quarters.

(And please let Sister Clark know that washing the bed covers was one of the most disgusting sights in my life... I'm going to be sleeping on the floor from now on.)

Wow so clean in our apartment.  Its very hard to clean all the surroundings but it was good for us to clean it up so the spirit will dwell it our apartment, the things that we do to make it faster we divide it so I'm the one cleaning the C.R its almost 2 hours cleaning it.but still enjoyable and cleaning the leaving room, and also my other kabahays,,i like it because their is an unity doing the clean up. Thank you for helping us, even its hard but its awesome doing something that i didn't do it in my home, i realize how my mom doing it without my help.its very hard to clean specially if only one, now i know the feelings of my mom, now i learned a lot from both of you and you teach me a lot, to become a good missionary, its not only teaching but it also cleaning,hahaha,

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