Friday, October 9, 2015

Bring on the "BER" Months

A Grand New Senior Couple...
The beginning of September not only brought Christmas music here in the Philippines, but another needed and loved Senior Couple.  Elder and Sister Whiting hale from Midway, Utah.  For the next 18 months they will be by our side in our Mission Office.  We could not be more delighted!  The Weber's will be returning to the US the beginning of October.  The beginning of November, the Naegle's will follow.  How we will miss them but we're grateful to have the Whiting's.  We continue to pray for more Senior Couples to be assigned here.  They are the lifeline as they assist us more than anyone can realize!
President and I were in the office one day and heard a familiar voice!  What a welcome site to see one of our missionaries from the 2nd Batch we said goodbye to one year ago.  It was great to see Sam Kunz who was here with his mom and sister to show them where he served and the great people he met.  We were in heaven.  It just goes to show us, once our missionary, always our missionary!

FHE at the Mission Home

Two Sisters companionships invited some members and investigators to FHE at the Mission Home.  We love opening our doors to anyone who wishes to enter and learn.  The Sisters taught, we sang, we played games and then what the children thought most important....Refreshments!

 Dinner with our Bishops, Wives and Stake Leader
It didn't take long for us to realize that some of the best people to work with on our mission are Bishops and Stake or District Presidents.  The first Stake we met with was the Tarlac group. 

We also were able to meet with Gapan Stake Bishops/Branch Presidents their wives and the Stake Presidency and wives.  It was a bit far for everyone to travel to the Mission Home so we met at a lovely eating establishment named Luz Kitchette.  We had some really great food and it was fun getting to know everyone.  President Clark talked about some of our common goals and reasons we do what we do.  It allows us all to work together with a common purpose.   

On September 25th, Santa Ignacia Stake's Bishop and Wives came for dinner.  It was a real treat to have them to the Mission Home.  They are another fun group of leaders who assist the members in their Stake to do better and be better.  Thanks for taking a night out of your week to visit us!

 What a Team!
I had to put a picture of 4 great missionaries!  They keep us organized and are where we need them to be in a moment's notice.  We would be lost without our Office Elders and Assistants.
Elder Purca - Office, Elder Westover - Assistant, Elder Hatch - Office, Elder Tejada - Assistant


  1. What about the new batch of missionaries that arrived on Oct 7th? I would love to see a photo of my son and the new batch . Thank you.

    1. Sister Arnold, my son Matthew is also one of the missionaries in the new batch out October 7th. We received an email welcoming the new batch with a picture of all the new missionaries attached. If you didn't receive it I would be happy to forward it. Thanks President and Clark!
      Sister Dille


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