Monday, October 19, 2015

Grateful for 22 More!

We said good-bye to 21 missionaries.  What a tender mercy it is to be able to say hello to 22 more! We also had four short-term (six week) missionaries join us for a transfer.  

It is an inspirational experience to see how the hand of the Lord guides the "trainers" that are called and paired with each "trainee."  
The meeting when the trainees and trainers are introduced is one of energy and anticipation.  Everyone is quiet.  The trainers on one side of the chapel the trainees on the other.  The elders and sisters anxiously sneak peaks over to the other side wondering which missionary will be their companion. When the great "reveal" is made by the Assistant it's a beautiful thing.   Eyes meet eyes, spirit touches spirit a warm handshake or a gentle hug are exchanged.  Then the Holy Spirit helps them feel an immediate unity and bond.  It's a wonderful thing to be part of..
Twenty Two!!!

                                          Sister Rimano                                     Sister Cash

                                        Sister Cauilan                          Sister DeMayo (Short-term)

                                    Sister Lagilayan                                    Sister Palang
Sister Regal
                                      Elder Ilagan                                       Elder Richards
                                       Elder Ramos                                       Elder Pulu
                                       Elder Mendoza                                   Elder Dille
                                       Bro. Cordoba - S/Term                   Bro. Duque - S/Term
                                       Elder Dixon                                         Elder Javier
                                     Bro. Mateo - Short Term                      Elder Garcia
                                       Elder Arnold                                       Elder Lewis
                                       Elder Lombos                                     Elder Babiera
                                             Elder Dala                                      Elder Matheson    
Elder Mielke

Kasama - Companions

We love them for serving! 

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