Thursday, September 3, 2015

We Pause for Grand-Children Cuteness

We may not be close in proximity to our family, but you can bet we stay in touch through all of the modern technology available!  Our children came together and gathered from 4 states to celebrate two grand events, two granddaughters First Birthday, and our youngest grandson's baby blessing.  I love that they love to gather whenever possible and have such a great time together. 

So below we have a "few" pictures of our family...
                Teagan in her new big girl car seat.           Koudelka summer past time face painting.

These two besties, Teagan and Claire, are ONE!  President and I can't wait to give 
them a big hug and smother them with kisses.
The Cake!!!!  The Singing.....
The Crew....sans Lesley and boys and Liv is peeking through the railing bars behind Bri & Shelby.
Here's our dapper and newest grand-son...Beckham James Clark and his family. 
Proud dad and some of the others who stood in the circle to give Beckham a name and a blessing.
The Priesthood power is real and we are grateful for it!
Ammon Williamson, Brian Clark, Great Grandpa Curtis, Beckham's dad Preston Clark, Tarisai Machanzi (our other son), Judd Koudelka (and Claire).

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