Thursday, September 3, 2015


These missionaries have made it to the ranks of "RM!"  They did this through learning and growing - sometimes the hard way.  They've learned to seek guidance from One who loves them.  They taught, encouraged and inspired others.  They have felt the Spirit of the Holy Ghost and change in their lives.  The three words for this batch is NO.MATTER.WHAT.  No matter what happens when you return home, remember these experiences that have helped you get where you are right now.  Stay Strong...No Matter What.  Be an example....No Matter What.  Live the life you've learned brings happiness....No Matter What!

So here is our 10th Departing Batch - Beginning picture and picture on last day.  Quite a difference! 

      The Peralta Family came to pick up Sis. Peralta.

Elder DeLeon's mother came and his father surprised him.  That was such a joyful delight!

                                 Sis. Lavaka and her parents!

                                                                                Elder Delante, his Mom and family friend. 

I didn't realize that Elder DeLeon and Sis. Peralta are cousins.  A family reunion!


So long to a great Batch of Returned Missionaries....Until we meet again!  
Tandaan mo, mahal kita!!!

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