Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Zone Conference Remembrances:

February 17-20, 2015

We learned much as we traveled about our mission for Zone Conferences.  This time we had four different Conferences.  We learned about the following topics:

·       What you need to do to make the Pipeline of Conversion work?
·       You Have a Right to Know Where You Are!  Keep those Area Books current!
·       Are you ready to dive in the deep end of the Teaching Pool Review?
·       Have you incorporated the joys of repentance in your teaching?  It is one of the most   
    hopeful principles of the gospel.
·       Measuring Real Growth using the 7 signs President Clark taught.

Amazing Zone Conference with Missionaries Where the Finest Serve!

***If you want to see more of our awesome missionaries during Zone Conference, go to the "Our Missionaries" tab!


Congratulations to:  Sis. Shipley, Sis. Cutar, Sis. Vaka and Sis. Esirom.  Our first "Last Missionary Standing" Winners.  Next time it's your turn, Elders!  

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