Monday, March 23, 2015

March 2015 Batch is Here!

 March 12, 2015 - Incoming Batch #6 (Sixth since our mission began)

Welcome Batch #6 families and friends to our blog. Mission life has been demanding over the past several weeks and we're a bit slow with posting the Incoming and Departing Missionaries photos.  I will try to do better!  :)  

In March we received a delightfully interesting group of missionaries.  Our complement of full-time missionaries is going down but we are gladly "hosting" additional missionaries who we call "Visa Waiters."  These are missionaries assigned to serve elsewhere in the world who come to us on a temporary basis while they wait for visas.  We've added two Visa Waiters from the Philippines going to New York and Alaska, respectively.  We also have four new Visa Waiters who have been serving in missions in India. These fine elders have been out for about one year but need to leave India for awhile as their Visas are renewed.  Since December now have accepted a total of 11 India Visa Waiters.  They are wonderful elders who do their best to find, teach and baptize after they are abruptly thrown into a Tagalog World without language training.  Their mission presidents should be proud of them.   We are honored to have them.

So here they are....another great batch of missionaries joining our little band of warriors.  Three new sisters and nine elders will be with us for full term missions.  They come to us with light in their eyes and a fire in their hearts.  They enter the field well prepared and eager to learn.  They still have some polishing and trimming to be done and their trainers will assure they have a great start.  This is a diverse group bringing variety and range to our missionary force.  We look forward to being part of their mission experience.  They are another great group to love!

The Garcia's make sure we not only eat well but hear beautiful piano music while doing so!

Our Newest and Motivated Batch #6 - 
Individual and Companionship



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