Thursday, March 5, 2015

March 3, 2015 --- POWERFUL MLC!

I know I say this every time Missionary Leadership Council takes place but it is was amazing!  Our 36 leaders were ready to learn and learn they did.  It was pretty marvelous to see and hear and feel.  The highlights were role plays, reflection periods, breakout sessions and leadership learning exercises.  The pinnacle was the workshop on the Atonement where everyone was allowed to go somewhere in the house where they could individually ponder and begin writing their reflections about the Atonement.  We gave them "thought starters" to guide their thoughts, including:
1.  The Atonement gives me...
2.  Understanding the Atonement causes me....
3.  But for the Atonement...
4.  Studying the Atonement has....

As I walked through our home, I found the missionaries sitting on chairs, couches, floors, etc. It was as if I was walking on hallowed grounds.  There was a feeling that is difficult to describe.  

As the meeting adjourned after 8 p.m., the missionaries were on Cloud 9 as they explained that what 
took place today was beyond anything they could have asked for.  Our plea for them is to go and teach it to their Zone Mates.   

  Finding proper order 1-10 without seeing or speaking.

 Amused onlookers. 
24 blindfolded missionaries trying to form a perfect square then triangle.

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