Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Gift Room Generosity - Thanks Naperville 3rd Ward

Gratitude and Thanks....

In a previous post we mentioned the "Gift Room" at our Christmas Zone Conferences.  The Gift Room was an idea to address a need (and opportunity) we discovered in our mission.  We found that many of our missionaries would not be receiving Christmas gifts from home.  A solution was found in the generosity of our friends and fellow ward members in Naperville 3rd Ward.  Donated funds were used to purchase a few simple gifts including needed gifts and clothing items.  The beauty of the Gift Room was that gifts were selected only by the giving companion.  We witnessed sweet expressions of love and caring as missionaries who had no money to purchase gifts were able to select a few items from the Gift Room for their deserving companion.  No one selected a gift for themselves.   The following are pictures from the Gift Room.  You'll get some idea of the gifts that were available to the missionaries. They included such things as dress shirts, ties, socks, watches, umbrellas and blankets, flashlights, water bottles, hygiene products, etc.


The following sweet note came from one of our missionaries. It explains well the Gift Room. 

"I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. We sure did. I am attaching some pictures that I took from our Christmas. Our Kabay (or housemates) didn't have any presents coming from home- But because of your and President Clark's inspired idea they had presents. And of course we know that presents is not the reason for the season- Christ is- but when you are so far from home and do not have any presents to open on Christmas its almost harder- but no need to fear- our housemates were so happy to open the gifts and we had such a wonderful Christmas here in the Philippines- Thank you, Thank you and for all those who helped make our Christmas a little brighter. We love you so very much!

Maraming Salamat po (Thank you very much)"


Thank you so much, Naper 3.  You've come through again!

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