Sunday, December 21, 2014


During the first week of December we had our Mission Leadership Council meet again.  Because it is the end of the year, our goals for 2015 were the focus.  This meeting did not disappoint!  The picture above is the 2nd day when we set specific goals for our mission.  The Spirit was strong and the course was established for the following year.  A new theme of "Real Growth" was chosen and will implemented at the beginning of the year as we jump right into Zone Interviews.  

There will be several changes in the MLC next month as a few of our missionaries departed after this meeting and others are now training or have changed assignments.  Elder Briscoe, this is what happens when the timer runs out before you do.  We will miss him.  He has been our Assistant since we arrived and he will be leaving to finish up his mission in Baler.

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