Saturday, May 13, 2017

I REMEMBER WHEN... Angeles Returned Missionaries Gather

It's Returned Missionary Reunion Time!

In order to make anything happen in our mission, we have great elders in the office.  Our Assistants and Office Elders work so hard.  Because we were having a reunion, we asked them to collect extra mattresses and bring them to the mission home.  After two deliveries of a completely full van, the task was accomplished.  
This was the first photo we were able to get.  Our returned missionaries of the Angeles Mission began to gather around 4 p.m. on Friday.  Schedules and distance meant that some came later and others had to leave early.  We had missionaries flying in and others coming by bus.  It was a real sacrifice and we realize that not all who wanted to were able to attend.  They were definitely in our thoughts.
After many arrived, we had our first meal together.  The last meal they received before leaving from their mission was in this very room.  They all commented on how they remembered feasting right before they went home.  

After dinner was cleaned up, we had a Family Home Evening.  The great thing about this meeting is that it was planned and prepared by our RM's.  Sister Altea-DeGuzman gave us a inspiring lesson on "Feeling our Savior's Love."  What is FHE without games.  We played chase the tie game.  Good fun was had by all.  President and I was asked to share a message.  As we finished, our wonderful friends began to sing the Happy Birthday song.  I wondered who's birthday it was and then Bro. Ronquillo and Bro. Amparado waltzed in with a sign and cake.  Now this is definitely the birthday that keeps on giving.  We had cake and banana splits to end the evening.  

Not sure what we'd do in our mission without these wonderful "seniors." 

We had two RM's with babies!  It was nice to hear the sounds of new life and future missionaries. Night time was quiet and everyone was very respectful of the mission home.

The sun rose and so did our RM's!  They were ready for a brisk walk or run before eating breakfast and starting our Community Service Project.  It is summertime and we wanted to get out before the sun was at its hottest.  Our friends were so good about working hard for nearly 2 1/2 hours in over 100 degree temps.  The front entry was finished and looks great!  The other two walls were in varying degrees of completion which will give another zone an opportunity for service in the near future.

After cleaning up our good brothers and sisters dressed in their Sunday best for a final testimony and advise.  There was an incredible spirit as these wonderful servants wanted to continue to do grow and become who their Savior would have them become.  
One final picture with President and I with our reunion t-shirt.  President Clark and I had to dash off to another area to perform a marriage.  It was hard being the one to say goodbye before the others left.  We relish this experience as we never know when we will see these dear ones again.

Farewell little flock!  God be with you....

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