Sunday, September 25, 2016


It's interview time!  Personal interviews between President Clark and our missionaries every 90 days or so is always a joy.  Interviews are handled differently every quarter.  This cycle we felt  group training would be a great way to go so we combine the two.  Each zone welcomes us with a great deal of kindness.  We start our meetings at 9:00 am.  After the opening, President Clark shares an inspirational message.  It is a great time to share what's happening with October-blest.  President shares some scriptures in D&C 103 that tells about Zion's Camp.  Zion's Camp was a time in 1834 when Church members were individually refined and qualified for work that they would encounter in the future.  It ended up being a time of profound sanctification and preparation. October-blest is becoming that for our missionaries.  Faith is being tested and the Lord's promises proven. They are not only finding, teaching and prepare others for truth, but they are becoming better saints and more equipped for their future!   

During the training the missionaries are given a pamphlet that the Church has provided to help safeguard them from technology.

The Church has a wonderful program called "Companionship Language Study". It is for any missionary one who doesn't speak English as a first language. It assists the missionaries, especially those from the Philippines, during their missions and throughout their lives.  President and Sister Martino put a great emphasis on this program before the Clark's arrived.  Since the Clark's arrival, every one of our Filipino missionaries have taken the OPIc test and received a certificate of achievement. During zone interview training Sister Clark reminded missionaries of the importance of this program.

 After the CLS refresher, Sister Clark taught a workshop on lesson planning.  We were reminded that before anything  on earth was created physically, it was made spiritually.  We learned that lesson planning is the spiritual creation of teaching.  Planning in advance and for each individual investigator invites the Spirit early in the teaching process. 

Teaching our missionaries as a non-Tagalog speaker, presents some funny moments.  We teach in English and the missionaries respond in whichever language they feel comfortable.  It works pretty well excepting when the teacher needs to know what the learners are saying.  For example, listening to a role play in Tagalog can be tricky when trying to discuss what happened in the role play.  The missionaries are good to smile and accommodate our inability to know exactly what was said.  On the other hand, it's amazing how much we do understand without knowing how to speak much of the language! 

 "...prepare an outline [lesson plan] personalized for who will be taught that day.  Use this an an aid, but speak from the heart as directed by the Spirit."
                                                                                                             Elder Charles Didier

After lesson planning, the missionaries conducted "Teaching Pool Reviews."  This was an amazing process where each companionship would share an investigator or two and the challenges they were facing.  Together all of our missionaries, having months and months of experience, shared solutions and ideas.  Opening it up to all of the missionaries was so helpful as they would tell what worked for them to help get through some of the same challenges.  It was a fabulous tool to support one another.  The missionaries are marvelous mentors and problem solvers.  They proved it - "No one of us is smarter than all of us."  They said that they were receiving revelation.

We ended the meeting with a cold, crisp apple and snack bag.  It was worth the price of admission.  The best part for the missionaries was being able to individually sit with their Mission President and  counsel, feel appreciated and loved.


Teaching Pool Review

Sister Dansie was a good sport to role play as Nellie for an all elders zone.


Chilled apple love.

Elder Lindsay was a trooper.  He was not feeling well 
but made sure he was drinking plenty of water!

Role Play Delight!

Two of our newest elders!


"An apple a day...."


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