Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Zone Conference - "Repentance" The most encouraging word in the Christian vocabulary!

Another Zone Conference is filed away in the Angeles Mission history books.  Our main goal was to teach the 8 Fundamentals that we've been asked to teach and reteach.  Although we had large groups of missionaries together, we split into 4 different workshops and they moved around every 40 minutes.  The workshops included:
Getting people to Church
Revelation through the Book of Mormon
Teach People Not Lessons

After lunch President Clark taught about teaching repentance.  We must understand it and teach it accurately.  More than that we need to teach is a path to peace and joy!  We love the quote by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland:
"Most people have come to fear, dread and avoid the word repentance.  They have been taught and now understand repentance to mean repeated or never ending punishment.  
Repentance is a kind and merciful law.
Repentance is the path to peace and joy.
Repentance is...following faith, the most encouraging word in the Christian vocabulary."
                                                                                        Elder Jeffrey R. Holland 

Another topic taught was "Teaching the Apostasy."  This was done with an object lesson of The Arsonist and The Fireman.

HISTORY IN THE MAKING:  We aren't used to seeing the Elders as the last missionary's standing after questions are posed from, "Did you write a letter to President this week?" to "Did you go to bed on time every night this week?"  When we had 3 Elders left standing, there was a large cheering section from all of the Elders.  Elders and Sisters....you make us proud.

It was glorious to meet again with our missionaries.  They are full of a desire to do better and be better.  Our missionaries live everyday to follow the important instruction of the Missionary Handbook.  They "strive to understand and live the principles and standards it teaches.  They are learning and living the higher law as taught by Jesus Christ.  They strive to enjoy the companionship of the Holy Ghost and follow His directions in all they do."  They are our heroes!

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