Sunday, March 20, 2016

March MLC

Another faith-filled Mission Leadership Council was had during the month of March.  After the World-wide mission broadcast direction, we changed our mission motto.  It is now, "In the Philippines Angeles Mission we teach repentance, baptize converts and rescue members."  It feels so much better when we proclaim this before stating our purpose.

Our Assistants gave a marvelous workshop on Pipeline of Conversion.  Our Council was so responsive to their training.  They talked about being a Shepherd versus being a Sheep Herder.  There is a great quote by President Benson that they used:

Shepherds vs. Sheepherders   (John 10:1-18)
Unlike modern sheepherders, the shepherd always walked ahead of his flock. He led them. The shepherd knew each of the sheep and usually had a name for each. The sheep knew his voice and trusted him and would not follow a stranger. Thus, when called, the sheep would come to him.
Sometimes, however, a wild animal driven by hunger would leap over the walls into the midst of the sheep, frightening them. Such a situation separated the true shepherd—one who loved his sheep—from the hireling—one who worked only for pay and duty.
The true shepherd was willing to give his life for the sheep. He would go in amongst the sheep and fight for their welfare. The hireling, on the other hand, valued his own personal safety above the sheep and would usually flee from the danger.”
                                                                                          -President Ezra Taft Benson 

As a mission, we asked ourselves, "Are we 'Shepherd-ing' Missionaries OR 'Sheepherder-ing' Missionaries.  Our goal is definitely to be Shepherds.  As the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders took that out to the mission, the response was great.  The missionaries understood and are trying to be good shepherds!

We had break-out sessions where the Elders went with President and the Sisters met with me.  We had a great time talking and counciling about ways to be a "force for good!"  

We ended our MLC with a great question and answer session.   Our missionaries are our heroes!  They go and do great things!

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