Saturday, December 19, 2015

Mission President Seminar Boost

NOVEMBER 17-20, 2015

Each May and November we look forward to our Mission Presidents' Seminar.  This is a 3-4 day gathering hosted by the Area Presidency for all Mission Presidents and wives in the Philippines.  This year we gathered in Manila and we had some wonderful special guests.  Elder and Sister Andersen, Elder and Sister Renlund and Elder and Sister Maynes.  

Table level view from the seminar.  There are twenty-one missions in the Philippines with stellar Mission Presidents and wives.  The seminar presentations school us and inspire us.  With six General Authorities, including two apostles, providing instruction there is great spirituality and wisdom in the room.  Each day we sat in a different spot.
We are assigned seats for our meals.  This gives opportunity to sit by those we don't know.  Imagine our surprise when one evening we were seated next to Elder and Sister Andersen.  What a delightful evening to get to know them better.

Visit to the Manila American Cemetery and Memorial.  These photos memorialize our afternoon trip to the cemetery, a beautiful, sacred and solemn place. Tens of thousands of World War II deceased soldiers/sailors are buried and remembered at this memorial.  The location also has Church historical significance.  Then Elder Hinckley re-dedicated the Philippines for missionary work from this location.

A moment of personal counsel from Elder Renlund.

Sis. Arner and Sister Clark share the same first name.  They became instant friends!

President McCurdy - Cebu Mission and one of our Batch!
At one point in the seminar, the Presidents and wives separated.  This was a grand time for sisters to unite and discuss some of the issues only sisters can understand.  I loved a statement that Sister Renlund shared with us.  She was in South Africa serving alongside her husband for several years in the Area Presidency.  Her mantra was quite profound to all of us.  It was, "An adventure a day but hope for just one."  We can definitely relate.

Often the Sisters would gather when wearing the same color.  
This is a shot with Sis. Rahlf from the Cauayan Mission.

Just for good measure, the Presidents decided they needed a color matching picture as well.
This picture was taken at the Manila mission home, now occupied by President and Sister Ostler and their son Caleb.  The Ostlers kindly hosted ten of our batch for a great dinner and conversation.  We all trained and arrived in the Philippines together in July 2014.  
Our batch mates will be friends for life!

We love our time at the Mission President's Seminar but we are always grateful to return back to our mission.  We miss it when we are away!

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