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NOVEMBER 27, 2015

We serve in a country that is not afraid to openly love God.  The Philippines is the only Asian country that is predominantly Christian.  And it is extremely Christian.  This is very apparent as we travel around, especially at Christmas time.  The Christmas season goes from September through December.  Numerous nativities come out about the end of October.  They are everywhere you go.  The Filipino people certainly embrace the spirit of Christmas and love of the Savior.  Nativities are everywhere: the mall, McDonald's, the hospital, the grocery stores, banks, government offices and the army base.  Not much "political correctness" here. There is Christmas music playing loud and and long passers-by frequently humming or singing out loud.  Publicly They Believe!!!!

This nativity backdrop at the SM Mall is made from plastic bottles.  It was truly remarkable.
This is the largest nativity in our area.  It has music playing and often there is a Santa shaking hands with the onlookers.  The nativity backdrop is made out of old CD's.  It is on the main road that we travel each day.  There have been many evenings the road is blocked off to one lane causing quite a traffic jam.  That doesn't seem to be a problem just as long as people 
are allowed to enjoy the nativity.
This nativity is at the entrance of a hotel in town.  Kind of simple and elegant. 
This is a giant tree near the city offices.  It is so colorful and different then any other.  
At the base of the tree is the nativity.
Here is a story book version of the Holy Night so long ago.  They are all so different and creative.

Glory to God in the High.  Peace on Earth Good Will Toward Men!

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