Thursday, November 5, 2015

MLC - The Third Chair

A late posting is better than no posting.  We had another great MLC at the Mission Home on October 13th.  The picture below was introduced at our meeting.  During our last Zone Conference, President Clark was talking about the importance of having the Holy Ghost attend during every lesson.  He said that we should even take an extra chair so that they would recognize that the chair is there to be filled with (as Elder Holland describes it), the Divine Companionship.

Before Elder Westover went home, he was teaching a family.  Every time they went to an appointment, the family would set chairs out for he and his companion.  It wasn't until one of the final lessons before he left that he noticed there were always 3 chairs set up.  He excitedly took a picture of them and realized they literally had "the third chair" with them.  We have taken opportunity to prepare a visual for our missionaries.  We hope it is something that helps them remember to take along the 3rd member of the Godhead with them.  If they do, their lessons will be more powerful and truth will become clearer to both them and their investigators.

Here is the picture of the 3rd chair:

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