Friday, November 6, 2015

Departing Batch #12

It's hard to believe that we've said goodbye to 12 batches of missionaries.  All I can say is, it never gets easier!

This was such a great group of 13.  I was pleased with how well adjusted and prepared to return home and move forward with life they were.  Some had well planned goals that they will move forward with.  I'm not sure the foreigners will be prepared to return home to freezing cold temperatures.  As one of the missionaries said, "Anything under 75 is cold!"

The three words for this batch are, "Charity Never Faileth" from 1 Corinthians 13:8.  I tried to come up with three words about charity that could say it better but nothing was as meaningful.  Our mission has gone on a deep dive into learning about charity.  It has changed the lives of our missionaries.  It has changed the way they teach.  When I asked for three words that describe each of their missions, so many had either the words charity or love within their three words.  Their charity and love were evident as we were around them for two days.  They were so respectful of one another. 

We will miss them but know they are ready to, "Go and do great things!"  Here is our first selfie-batch picture.  We sure love our missionaries!

Our departing batch isn't complete without saying farewell to Elder and Sister Naegle.  They arrived in the mission about 6 weeks before we did.  They have been Self Reliance Missionaries.  We became pretty reliant on them in many aspects of the mission.  Besides Self Reliance Elder Naegle was the 1st Counselor in the mission presidency.  Sister Naegle helped get the Mission Home into tip top shape before having honored guests.  They also taught our Departing Missionary Career Workshop.
They are the last of our original 5 senior couples to leave.  They have definitely left a huge hole in our mission.  We love them and wish them a wonderful reunion with their large family!  
Thank you Naegle's for making the Angeles Mission a better place to serve!

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