Sunday, November 9, 2014

"Sandwiched" - MLC

We surely learned how to juggle this month!  Right before Mission Leadership Council on Halloween, we had a Full-Time Missionary Meeting.

We were honored to be given opportunity to have a meeting with some of our missionaries and Bishop Gerald Causse, his wife and Elder and Sister Meim.  Bishop Gérald Caussé is the First Counselor in the Presiding Bishopric in the Church. He and Sis. Causse are from France.

We learned some great lessons through testimony and talks throughout the meeting.

I spoke of "Confidence in Our Call!"  President Clark spoke about "Change."  Prepare to change in order to progress.  Missions are for missionaries and it helps them to change.

Sister Meim talked about being obedient and our need to be clean and work hard.
Elder Meim spoke about the benefits of obedience level on a mission.  The things that are learned here on a mission create opportunities later.  Develop faith in Jesus Christ.  Missions prepare us for life!

Sis. Causse gave a Spiderman analogy.  He didn't understand the power he had but learned to control the power and put it to good use.  Missionaries are like super heroes.  The power of the Holy Ghost gives the power to save lives.  We must improve our capacity to feel the Holy Ghost.  We need to learn to feel the Spirit .  3 Nephi 19:7-8 - teach by the power of the Holy Ghost and don't ever hesitate to work hard.

Bishop Causse asked the missionaries what they think of our mission.  The answers were, "friendly, happy, obedient, "In the Angeles Mission we Baptize and Rescue (there was a great cheer with that answer), we are becoming PMG missionaries, sanctified missionaries."  A missionary's goal goes beyond baptism; we need to see investigators reach the temple.

The next while was spent with "A Missionary's Time" and Planning!  He gave some great ways that we can plan and prepare as we use time wisely!  Planning is a spiritual principle; not just a practice.  Pictures below are of us and Bishop & Sister Causse, Elder & Sister Meim.  After this meeting in Angeles, the Mission Leadership Committee jeeped up to the Mission Home.  We enjoyed an evening of games with a purpose before retiring until morning.  

Win as Much as You Can!  

       Scheming....Will I actually write down what I said I would?  Much frustration in this team.

 This team decided to remain trustworthy through every section and achieved true unity!

Helium Stick
You need height for good shots and beautiful smiles.  The goal for the helium stick game is for all pointer fingers to be on the stick and everyone lower it to the ground.  Most of the time it goes higher and higher...not lower.  Our group tried again and again.   

There were no complaints about Tacos and Chips....but we made sure there was plenty of rice!

The helium stick was tried again.  The Elders were removed to go outdoors where there were no distractions.  With complete focus and team work, the stick went down!  

Lots of planning for the following year took place.  It was a great MLC!  There was a bit of sadness knowing that some of the members will be going home in two days.  
A Grand Group of Missionaries!

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