Friday, June 20, 2014

Today we are missionaries!

We were set apart this morning under the direction of Dallin H. Oaks. He and Elder Lynn Robbins invited us, and a few family members to his office for these ordinances. They gave us great counsel and promised blessings to help us fulfill our mission assignments.

On the strength and hope of these ordinances, we report to the Mission Training Center tomorrow. We look forward to 4 days of inspired training from our church leaders.


  1. I found you! I am so excited to stay close to you through this blog!

  2. Will love knowing a way to stay in touch. Is there a way to "follow" so updates come to us or alert us? Wishing you happy serving. Hugs!

  3. We're excited for you and the adventures and experiences and growth that we know that you'll have. We love you and support you. -- Sherman & Linda Doll (Santiago, Chile)

  4. We are so happy that you set up this blog. We will really look forward to reading about your experiences and sharing them with our children. We know the mission, missionaries, members and those you come in contact with will be very blessed by your service. You are in our thoughts and prayers. ---Joy and Matthew


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