Sunday, August 17, 2014

Our First Batch Has Arrived!

Here they are!  Our First Incoming Batch!  They are 20 amazing missionaries from different lands but with one purpose, to teach truth to the people of the Philippines.  

OUR FIRST BATCH - August 13, 2014


Our first new batch of missionaries (Trainees) arrived last Wednesday.  Oh how we anticipated receiving all 20 of them at once.  We looked over their information and imagined what it would be like when they arrived.  They did not disappoint!  They are a terrific batch of 10 Sisters and 10 Elders.  They each were assigned a Trainer who will show them the ropes for 12 weeks.  The process of chosing 20 of our best teachers was nothing less than miraculous.  It will be fun watching them learn and grow in the Philippines Angeles Mission! 

Trainer and Trainee - Sis. A.
 Trainee - Sis. A. and Trainer
Trainee Sis. B. and Trainer
 Trainee - Sis. L. and Trainer
Trainer and Trainee - Sis. M.
Trainer and Trainee - Sis. K.
Trainer and Trainee - Sis. M.
Trainee - Sis. P. and Trainer
Trainee - Sis. R. and Trainer
 Trainer - Sis. Shipley and Trainee
Trainer and Trainee - Elder M.
Trainer and Trainee - Elder M.
Trainer and Trainee - Elder M.
Trainer and Trainee - Elder M.
 Trainer and Trainee - ELder O.
 Trainer and Trainee - Elder W.
 Trainee - Elder Y. and Trainer
 Trainee - Elder S. and Trainer
Trainee - Elder V. and Trainer
Trainer and Trainee - Elder J.

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  1. Thanks for the posts! What a wonderful experience you are having...AND it was nice to see that our son made it there safe and sound :)


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