Monday, June 23, 2014

It's Wonderful to Be on a Mission.

Here are some thoughts about the first two days at the MTC.

We arrived about noon on Saturday and have been treated with great respect and kindness since.  We are assigned housing on the MTC campus in building M2.   Accommodations are very nice; a nice Courtyard with great spiritual atmosphere.  Our meals are what I call "elegant cafeteria" style.  We eat very well.  They graciously plan meal times to be long enough to meet and greet many other attendees and Church officers. Rice and beans are served at every meal.

Sunday started with Sacrament Meeting.  President Monson spoke to us and most of the apostles attended.  The Seminar officially opened Sunday afternoon and we heard from several apostles and other General Authorities of the Missionary Dept. The training is superb.   Elder Nelson announced some significant changes in missionary work to put in effect immediately.  These will be published to the general Church soon.  Here we are lunching with John and Susie Boswell from Bentonville, Arkansas.

The entire Seminar is incredibly well planned and carried out: always some one to help and answer questions, meticulous attention to detail, beautiful setting and spirit.  This is a great way to launch a three year mission to minister to missionaries and bring souls unto Christ.

We were told by President Monson that we were selected to serve from among the most faithful of the Church.   Elder Anderson said that every mission president and wife wonders : "What am I doing here?"  We are constantly reminded that humility and faith are a big part of being successful on our mission.   We feel we have ample reasons to have both.

Its wonderful to be on a mission.

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  1. This is such a wonderful way for you to keep us all current on what you two are up to, of course we wouldn't have expected anything different from you ;)
    I'm sorry we weren't able to get together before you left but I hope to make it a priority when you return.
    You'd better watch out though, you never know where mom and I will turn up in the world!
    Constant love and prayers sent your way,
    your cuz, Janny (only to you)


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