Thursday, March 2, 2017

"Might & Zeal"

It is time for another batch to say farewell.  We allow departing missionaries to have some down time when they come in for their departure workshops.  This group wanted none of that.  They wanted to be anxiously engaged in constructive learning.  We revamped our program a bit to provide for this.  The three words that were so fitting for them are "MIGHT & ZEAL!"  Might is dedication, diligence and will-power.  Zeal means a great energy or enthusiasm.  That describes this batch of missionaries very well.  Our mission will definitely miss the dedication and energy that diminishes with their exit.  The words of a famous church song describes this beloved group:
"Then work and watch and fight and pray with all your "might and zeal,"
Push every worthy work along, put your shoulder to the wheel."
We expect them to go home and spread the might and zeal of the mission life to their homes and wards.

You will notice some senior couples in this picture.  Sadly we will say farewell to two great couples who have definitely worked with all of the their "might and zeal!"  They will leave a large charity and service deficit in our mission.  We love you Whiting's and Dansie's!  

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